5 Ways to Stay Active During Covid-19 Pandemic in Italy

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It’s a pity the coronavirus has restricted your movement in Italy, reducing the expected fun, tourism, business, and learning. To help minimize coronavirus transmission in Italy, health officials urge Italians and non-citizens to wear masks and stay 6 feet away from people at least. In addition, several cities and states have enacted some form of “stay at home” edict.
But that doesn’t rule out the chances of getting the prescribed 150 to 300 minutes quarantine activities every week. You can still get the exercise you need without going to the gym or other areas where people congregate. As an international student, don’t see other activities as a waste of time as it negates your purpose of being in the country.
Here are activities listed for you.

1.Exercise in the fresh air.

Most public gyms are likely closed, but if yours is still open, we advise you to avoid it until public health experts indicate otherwise. Instead, get some exercise outside in the fresh air. If the weather permits, try a new hiking trail or a water-based sport like kayaking.
Younger athletes in the country can benefit from playing outside alone or in small groups. To avoid direct contact with each other and surfaces, watch your children playing in small groups or independently, and discourage the use of sporting equipment or jungle gyms.

2.Participate in non-contact activities

One of the most effective ways to minimize the spread of coronavirus in Italy—and any other virus—is to limit physical contact, especially with locals who don’t know their health history. Maintaining six feet of space between people is recommended by social distancing rules, and many sports allow for this, such as riding or tennis.
Running, bodyweight workout routines, and fitness films are examples of group activities that allow for more space. Even if you’re the only one making use of the equipment, make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each usage.

3.Make an effort to improve your overall fitness.

Good fitness necessitates a strong core and a high level of aerobic fitness. Using home gyms, home-based video workouts, and web-based exercise programs, you may concentrate on strengthening your core and cardiovascular condition without jeopardizing the safety of people around you.
Being an international student, an ex-pat, or a tourist, you might not be familiar with the areas in Italy. That shouldn’t stop you from checking online for sporty tips. Many fitness instructors and organizations in Italy are now offering free online workout courses and routines to new subscribers to encourage activity and boost morale across the country. You can also opt-in for this.

4.Maintain an online connection with your fitness community.

Being in Italy doesn’t stop you from connecting with your community, thanks to the internet. You should stay in touch with your friends and teammates via suitable social media outlets, whether you’re a full-time athlete or just an average person. Consider sharing your comments on the situation and your expectations for resuming normal activities as soon as it is safe. Consider online step challenges, stationary bike rides, or even running a “virtual marathon” and comparing times.

5.Disinfect Any Equipment Used by Others.

It’s advisable not to share your equipment with fellow students, tourists, or locals because the virus can survive for a long time on untreated surfaces. Ensure to follow the CDC’s requirements for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and any equipment you use alone or with others. Even if you and your family use your in-home facilities, it’s necessary to use a cleaning solution that includes at least 70% alcohol.

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