7 Landmark Collaborations We Have Seen Between Fashion Brands and Artists in Recent Times

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In recent times, creative fashion houses and artists have found a common ground for innovation and creative exploration.
The merging of art and fashion is a continued growth that is increasing rapidly in the creative industry as a whole. Generally, art is a creative output that its freedom abounds while fashion on the other hand is often subject to certain demands. With the growing effect of artwork fashion, fashion industries, and their designers are now turning towards art with the sole intention of creating a unique and sensational style through this merging.
Meanwhile, here is a rundown of some of the remarkable fashion and art collaborations we have seen in recent times:
1.H&M and Simone Rocha: This fashion-art collaboration of the clothing brand H&M with the Irish Designer Simone Rocha is one of the leading landmark fashion collaborations in 2021. This collaboration includes womenswear, menswear, and children’s wear. With the inclusion of Simone, what H&M seeks to achieve with this collaboration is the bringing in of a clothing line that embodies the complexity of ethnicity and mirrors the designer’s heritage. The collaboration was launched early in March 2021.
2.Quay and Lizzo: As early as 2020, the Grammy Award-winner Lizzo collaborated with the eyewear brand Quay for the creation of a charitable collection of sunglasses. The brand used this collaboration as an avenue to source funds directed towards the Feeding America organization.
3.Crocs and Justin Bieber: In October 2020, Justin Bieber teamed up with Crocs to create a limited-edition Clog alongside his fashion brand, Drew House. According to Bieber, the collaboration aimed to create a distinct croc style that reflected his brand and style in general.
4.Drake and Nike: Still in the same October of 2020, rapper Drake collaborated with Nike fashion house for a collection named “Certified Lover Boy”. This collaboration was ahead of his sixth album of the same title. This collection comprises bomber jackets, caps, hoodies with Nike branding. Some of these pieces also made an appearance in Drake’s music video for “Laugh Now Cry Later”.
5.Beyoncé and Balmain: This collaboration dates a little bit back but, it’s not been far enough in the past since Beyoncé collaborated with the fashion brand Balmain which was showcased at the 2018 Coachella festival where she headlines the music festival. Beyoncé worked closely with Balmain for this collaboration during her rehearsals for the Coachella festival.
6.Cardi B and Fashion Nova: In 2018, Cardi B teamed up with the fashion brand, Fashion Nova for a fast-fashion label which was a staple in 2018 and sold out almost immediately.
7.Yeezy and Vanessa Beecroft: The fashion-art collaboration of Kanye West and the designer Vanessa Beecroft has been one of the landmark fashion collaborations. This collaboration was revealed at the same time as his then anticipated album “The Life of Pablo”.
Fashion-art collaboration continues to grow today for various reasons, but the most common reason continues to be to create and appreciate art on a greater scale.

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