Best Ways To Plan Pocket-Friendly Budget Indian Weddings

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Indian weddings are an expensive affair, from the décor to the catering. A standard Indian wedding will have your pockets feeling light after the event. Here are some ways with which you can cut down your expenses without compromising on the experience.

1.Financial Situation: when planning a wedding, one should first look at checking one’s financial situation. This means, how much money do you have? How much will you be left with after the wedding? If you hold any debts that will have to be considered. This understanding will help you set up realistic standards and make planning easier.

2.Decide what’s most important: decide on what’s important, hiring a laser light system might sound like a great idea however are they necessary. Cutting down on unnecessary expenses will help you a lot in managing your budget.

3.Host your wedding puja/ritual ceremonies at home: instead of hiring a separate hall to complete your rituals, consider having it performed at home. Many couples in recent years have been performing their rituals at home. This does not cut down costs but also feels more personal.

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4.Off-season wedding date: the winter months of December to February are considered to be wedding seasons. Prices during these months often are higher than average rates. Planning your wedding in other months will save you the rush of booking and also make prices more negotiable.

5.Cut down on décor: many weddings have begun to incorporate a fair chunk of minimalism in their décor and this has both enhanced aesthetic and reduced prices incurred from décor. Consult with your decorator for more budget-friendly options.

6.Jewelry shopping: Indians love their jewelry, and many cultures promote the purchase of jewelry as gifts for the newlywed however this can skyrocket wedding costs so cutting down on these purchases will save you a lot of money.

7.Save on outfits and makeup: consider purchasing an outfit that is less expensive or uses an older outfit. certain families hand down their daughter or son their wedding outfits as tradition. When it comes to make-up, in recent years, wedding makeup has transitioned from the previous trend of applying heavy makeup. Brides and grooms have shifted to more natural-looking styles and this saves both money and time.

8.Budget wedding invitations: Indian wedding invitations can be expensive, there are two ways to go about this- print lesser and only provide it to people who need it or the other is you only provide guests with an online invite. Online invites in recent years have seen more favorability as not only it cuts expenses but also is seen as being more environmentally friendly.

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9.Simplify your menu: wedding menus tend to be quite complicated and extensive. With large buffets and tens of separate dishes. To save expenses, one can simplify the menu to certain dishes or cater a specific meal course for guests to enjoy.

10.Smaller guest list: thanks to the pandemic, this has become a necessity in recent months. A smaller guest keeps your wedding compact, manageable and also creates a sense of intimacy.

11.Book a budget photographer: you might want to consider hiring a wedding photographer that is more budget-friendly or find someone you know and negotiate the price to an acceptable rate.

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12.Cover less expensive flowers: roses are commonly used in flower arrangements. However, they can be quite expensive in some states. To save on expenses, you might want to choose other flowers that provide the same kind of appeal at a lesser price. Sunflowers and tulips are good alternatives, and they tend to look fresher for a longer period of time.

13.Host your wedding and reception at the same time: A standard wedding event comprises the wedding and the reception. The former being solely focused on the rituals of the wedding ceremony and the latter is a celebration of the completion of the ceremony where guests are entertained and served food. The general flow of a wedding event tends to have the two events on two separate dates; however, you will save a lot of money if you arrange them on the same date. This will cut down on hall rent, staff rent, and décor.

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