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Women and men have been wearing makeup for centuries. The historical makeup record comes from Egypt’s first dynasty, where they used unguent substances to keep their skins hydrated and supple to avoid wrinkles from the dry heat. They also applied some other substances such as kohl on their eyelashes and lids, and this is where the Jews, Romans, and Italians adopted makeup, and then it spread all over other countries.

Cosmetic industries are one of the biggest companies in the world. Every year the industries introduce new innovative skincare products and techniques for their customers. Makeups are very popular because of their wide use in entertainment industries, weddings, circuses, and festivals such as Halloween. For most women in the world, applying makeup is their daily custom. Beauty products have their merit and demerits. Therefore using the right makeup according to the sensitivity of the products on your skin is the best way to keep your skin healthy.

Germany having the largest economy in Europe means their beauty products are produced in high quality and quantity. German beauty is the latest and famous international trend for makeup because it is all about using natural ingredients to restore skins to a balanced state. You can have a look at the different beauty shops in Germany here flaconi online. Below are the reasons why German beauty is the latest trend.

  • Use of natural ingredients- The sense of natural products brings a different perspective on the use and effect of beauty products on the skin. German product has been popular because they put importance on the health part of their customers. Most people use these products because they feel the safety of the word “natural.” It might be a marketing strategy, but some rules ensure integrity and trust among the providers and the customers. Natural is viewed as a way of reducing the chemicals in these products, which means the makeups will give the skin a great treat of texture and moisture.
  • Anti-aging properties- They have been many talks about aging, and many people in the world are afraid of aging. German beauty has incorporated anti-aging properties in their products to help the skin reduce its speed of getting worn out. This is a favorable property and serves many of the ladies’ skin needs.
  • Cost and routine- Other beauty products need a person to use many different products to get a specific outcome, unlike German beauty, which only one product gives out the outcome that a consumer is looking for. Therefore on German makeups, it’s easy to follow its routine, and the cost of products is reduced.
  • Rules and regulations- There are a lot of regulations put to protect the release of excellent and safe products to the customers. Organizations are set to check the toxicity of products, and for integrity, the use of natural ingredients is taken seriously.

Some of these products are:

Nivea is a famous German beauty product produced in many models such as lotion, bathing soaps, and roll-ons. Nivea is enriched in lactic acid, moisturizing factors, and it helps in reversing the signs of aging. It is found in supermarkets, beauty shops, and online stores.

Weleda- It is a plant-related skin food that nourishes the skin and keeps it moisturized all day. It is a favorite product for makeup artists and celebrities because of its ability to remove makeup without leaving the skin dry. The main ingredients are sunflower, water, alcohol, seed oil, hydrolyzed bee wax, and zinc sulfate.

Frei Oel- Some skins are sensitive to certain beauty products, but frei-oel is manufactured such that it considers everyone’s skin sensitivity. It does not irritate skin and removes pimples. Ingredients include coolants, mineral oil, and alcohol.

Dr. Hauschka skincare- This is a product produced to bring skin to a balance and maintain its well-being. A doctor produced the product to make sure skin problems are reduced. It’s the best product to use on the face. Ingredients include water, alcohol, fragrance, leaf and stem extracts, and carrot root extract.

N.O. cosmetics- It is a synthetic product produced from natural ingredients. The product does not rely on traditional standards on makeup, and its ingredients include mineral oil, silicon, and animal products.

In conclusion, beauty is a broad topic, and keeping our skin clean and moisturized to maintain its nature is the best way to take care of our skin’s health. German beauty products give balance to our skin hence are among the best and popular beauty products.

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