Hair Thickening – Which Method is Best?

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Hair thickening is a quick and effective way to get lush and thick hair. Check out which method works best for you – hair thickening with microrings, hair clips, the sandwich method, ultrasound, or keratin.

Hair thickening, depending on the method, differs in durability, price, naturalness of the effect and influence on the condition of our hair. Hair thickening treatments are not the cheapest, with prices starting from 500 PLN and going up to 2000-3000 PLN. Opinions on hair thickening are divided, some are delighted with the effect, others emphasize that the procedure is very damaging to hair.

The Most Popular Thickening Methods

The most popular methods of hair thickening are attaching strands to rings, clips or tape, as well as attaching strands using ultrasonic and keratin methods.

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Hair Thickening with Microrings

The hairdressing method is the most popular way to thicken hair. It consists in attaching synthetic or natural hair with the help of microrings, which are small, usually copper hoops. This method of hair thickening is cold, i.e. without the use of heat. The strands look very natural, and the connection area is virtually invisible.

Clip-in Hair Thickening

This is the simplest and cheapest method of hair thickening. Another advantage is that the hair can be detached at any time, and even needs to be detached in case you wash your head and at night. This solution involves attaching the hair with small pins. They may be a bit visible, especially with light and fine hair.


The sandwich method

Hair thickening with the hairtalk, or sandwich method, involves attaching silicone strips to selected strands at the scalp. As the strands are not attached to individual strands but to entire sections, the natural hair is not weighed down. This is a great choice if you have fine or thin strands. It is not suitable if you like to clip your hair frequently.

Ultrasonic method

This solution is very durable, and the artificial hair lasts for up to six months. The strands are cold bonded using ultrasound. The bonding is very small and invisible. The downside is that it is quite difficult to pull the hair off and this can lead to damage.

Can the sun damage your hair?

Unfortunately, yes. And it’s not just the sun, but other factors that come into play when we’re outside enjoying the sun: sea salt, chlorinated pool water, humidity and sweat all contribute to the summer storm that our hair can’t handle.

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What’s going on? The main problem with the sun and activity on sunny days is that it dries the hair out a lot. This makes hair more brittle and prone to split ends. Sunburn on the scalp can lead to damage to the roots of the hair. Sand, dust and sweat can cause dandruff.

However, with a little care and time, you can protect your hair from the sun and still make it wonderfully smooth and shiny, and keep your curls frizz-free.

Tip 1: Avoid sleeping on your hair

Professional hairdresser extending blonde hair at beauty salon
Just as important as removing your makeup before going to bed is removing your hair extensions. If you sleep while wearing them, the hair will quickly detangle and damage the clip-in extensions. Before going to bed, when removing the clips, make sure you do it from top to bottom, which will reduce tangling during the process.

If you have sewn-in hair, you can’t remove them, but it’s important to wear a cap or silk scarf while sleeping to avoid frizz and tangles.

Tip 2: Use a mild shampoo and conditioner

When getting hair extensions, make sure you use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that is safe for colored hair, as the extensions are dyed to the perfect shade to match your hair. For hair extensions made from human hair, use only the shampoo recommended by your hairdresser to keep your hair soft and manageable.

Tip 3: Avoid using high heat.

Sometimes you may forget that hair extensions are not attached to the scalp and do not receive the proper oils and nutrients as the hair on your head, so it is important not to overuse heat tools to style hair extensions.

This will damage the texture and appearance of the extension and cause it to wear out faster. Instead of heating your hair, try using a texturizing spray that doesn’t require high heat.

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