Tips for simplifying your daily beauty routine

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It is no news to anyone that the Covid-19 virus has changed us almost overnight from the routine we were so used to.

The daily routine means everything we do daily, that is, day by day, without stopping, without exception. And the reasons for maintaining a daily routine are increasingly exposed by specialists and experts in psychology. Daily habits influence our lives. Personal care and beauty are topics of interest to many women who are discussing Norske-Anmeldelser. Since ancient times, the fairer sex has understood that they need a stable frequency to function as well as possible. Each of us has a cosmetic ritual, which, as the years go by, becomes part of our lifestyle. Here are the things you need to do constantly to take care of your beauty.

Washing the face

When you wash your face properly before bed, your skin is clean and fresh when you wake up. If you insist too much, the skin will dry out and there will be an overproduction of sebum characteristic of oily skin, especially in hot weather, according to several specialists on Life.

Instead of washing, in the morning, you can spray or you can spray your skin with a few drops of warm water that you can gently massage to invigorate the skin.


Any method of exfoliation thins the skin, including abrasive sponges and vitamin A (which increases sensitivity to sunlight). By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, you expose a sensitive and delicate layer of skin.

Regardless of the type of skin a person may have, the following steps are necessary for proper care:

  • hydration
  • A broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB radiation (along with mechanical protection: hat and sunglasses).
  • Make-up removal before bed
  • Gently wash the skin every day (preferably after cleansing with cleansers and in the morning only with water)
  • Skin softening (especially after facial degreasing)

Hair washing

It is tempting to shampoo your hair adornment when moisture and heat cause more perspiration than normal.

Hair that is already prone to dryness, due to the sun and chlorine, will be even drier. On the other hand, if it is washed only twice a week and if protection products are applied constantly, the hair will be much healthier.


Always use sunscreen, moisturizers. Using a sunscreen with a total sunscreen of SPF 15 or more in a moisturizing formula can be an excellent substitute for a daily moisturizing lotion.

Once a week our body also needs to be pampered and the skin to be thoroughly cleansed. A scrub made either from special cosmetics or by natural methods (coffee grounds mixed with honey, for example) helps us to purify and tone our skin on the whole body. A face mask is also an element that is good to introduce in our weekly routine. As with the scrub, it can be prepared at home or bought in the store, it is important to choose the one that best suits your skin.

For your skin to fully benefit from the active substances included in cosmetics, you must first make sure that you have established your skin type correctly, and then you must build your daily cosmetic care routine suitable for it.

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