What Abroad Students Need To Know About German Fashion?

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Germany is one country that has been welcoming foreigners. Having a good education system becomes a good hub for international students. One of the worries that abroad students experience is about the dressing code and fashion styles. However, the cosmopolitan atmosphere in Germany has led to a relaxed and open-minded attitude to clothing. Suppose you happen to go to study in German and you want to know the available fashions there. In that case, you should visit a famous online fashion shop like the Fashion ID app for a great fashion shopping experience. Here you will find varieties of top brands and styling ideas. There are fashions for different occasions and tastes. In online shops, you will be able to get the latest trending updates as well as reviews about previous customer experiences.

Sustainable Clothing Brands in Germany

People feel excellent in clothes that are eye-catching, well-made, unique, and edgy. Sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, slow fashion, eco fashion, Fair Trade fashion, and local fashion are all terms used to describe German fashion firms. The most stylish ethical and sustainable fashion is brought to you by brands and designers from Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, and throughout Germany. All of the fashion firms on this list strive for supply chain transparency, ethical production, animal welfare, and sustainable fibers while supporting craftsmen and giving back to the community. Sustainable fashion means that a fashion company meets as many of the following criteria as possible: Ethical production, Eco dyes, printing, Circular, Supports artisans, Animal welfare, Giving back, Environmental footprint, and Sustainable fibers.

Favorite German Designer brands

Despite the fact that designer labels from Germany are sometimes overlooked, the “Made in Germany” label is well-known worldwide, particularly among those who place a premium on quality. Germany’s fashion experts boast the same discipline, artistry, and workmanship as their famed automobile craftsmen. As a result, Germany is home to the most durable and dependable clothing. Some of the designer brands available in Germany are:


The company was initially called Sir Oliver and was founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier in a 25-square-meter shop in Würzburg. To give the shop a London feel, the “Sir” was added to the brand name. Since its humble beginnings, s.Oliver has grown considerably and is now located in Rottendorf. s.Oliver is slowly but steadily spreading over the world, with stores in 30 countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and India. s.Oliver, formerly a little clothing firm, is today one of Europe’s largest fashion houses, with a diverse range of products spanning apparel, shoes, jewelry, fragrances, and accessories. Three lifestyle categories are administered under the s.Oliver brand, each aimed towards a particular buying public.

LaLa Berlin

LaLa Berlin, a German name growing since its inception in 2004, is another specialized store specializing in knits. The company, which Leyla Piedayesh founded, explores the concept of urban cool meets refined chic. After exhibiting her S/S 2007 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2007, Lala Berlin attained a new peak. During this period, it received a nomination for the New Faces Awards for its distinctive use of natural yarns and inventive ways of material pairings, such as silk, cashmere, and smooth jersey. Since then, Lala Berlin has become a symbol of Berlin’s avant-garde and bohemian flair while maintaining a high level of quality.

Marc O’Polo

Marc O’Polo was formed in Stockholm in 1967 by Rolf Lind, Gote Huss, and Jerry O’Sheets, three creative minds. In 1979, it launched its first store in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 1997, Marc O’Polo shifted its headquarters from Stockholm to Stephanskirchen, Germany, as business continued to grow. Its extensive casual apparel and accessories line for men and women has a distinct, timeless, and relaxed characteristic style, making it a globally sought-after brand.


Escada is a key player in the German fashion industry, offering only the highest quality clothing manufactured from the finest fabrics and tailored to perfection. Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley debuted their first collection in 1978, still known as ESCADA & Sporty Elegance. Margaretha was a former Swedish model who knew exactly what women wanted—elegant, feminine attire. Escada pulled off this style by incorporating strong and dramatic elements as well as vibrant color combinations.

Due to the rapid growth of Germany.s economy and population, so many fashion brands are emerging. The ready market for different fashions in Germany leads to sustainability in the market. Their creative and innovative nature makes the designers come up with new satisfying designs day in day out. Therefore, abroad students in Germany should not be worried about what type of fashion to put on because there are plenty of them.

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